Civil Litigation 

BARR LLP offers a varied civil litigation practice for all manner of clients and for all manner of disputes. We can assist clients with the following services:

  • Debt recovery & realization
  • Contract and commercial disputes
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Estates
  • Real estate
  • Negligence
  • Fraud
  • Franchising
  • Builders’ liens
  • Employment disputes
  • Landlord/tenant disputes


Negotiation and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
As an efficient and cost-effective alternative to formal litigation, our team has vast experience in negotiations and alternative dispute resolution strategies. Whether you are bound by arbitration agreements or are looking for a measured non-litigious remedy, our team can assist you in finding your desired outcome in a cost-effective and efficient way.
Mortgage Enforcement and Debt Recovery
In addition to general disputes, with over 20 years of private lending experience, BARR LLP is well-versed in the processes and problems associated with collections and debt recovery. In addition to private mortgage preparation, BARR LLP also offers Mortgage Enforcement and Resolution Services, along with general debt recovery solutions to assist our lender clients in the realization of their security.
Shareholder Disputes
With over 40 years experience in providing corporate services to companies, both large and small, BARR LLP has encountered and assisted with every possible dispute amongst shareholders and directors of corporations. Ranging from mediation between directors to allegations of oppression, BARR LLP has the knowledge and experience to assist with any form of shareholder dispute.
Landlord/Tenant Disputes
While most residential tenancy disputes can be handled through the Residential Tenancy Dispute Resolution Service, we can assist and advise landlords and tenants as to their legal rights under the Residential Tenancies Act. In the commercial sphere, BARR LLP has assisted companies large and small in negotiation, mediation, and litigation of breaches of Leases leading to solutions that work to allow our clients to continue commercial operations with a little disruption as possible.
Corporations and Divorce

Generally speaking, a divorce should not impact the operation of a corporation. However, there are some instances where a corporation could face a claim as part of a matrimonial action. BARR LLP has experienced family law lawyers with strong backgrounds in commercial litigation who can represent a corporation as part of a matrimonial action to advocate on behalf of the corporation outside the interest of the divorcing parties. Our lawyers can preserve the commercial efficacy of the ongoing business concern and the investment of other shareholders notwithstanding the action. If your corporation has been named as a party to a matrimonial action of a specific director or shareholder, contact our office today.


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