BARR LLP is a local, full-service Edmonton law firm with eighteen lawyers, one of-counsel, and a skilled support staff. The firm features premier teams in the areas of Divorce and Family Law, Corporate, Commercial and Real Estate Law, Wills and Estates, Civil Litigation and Criminal Law. The firm is also growing its mediation and arbitration practice. The more than 20-year history of BARR LLP has been grounded in a tradition of providing high-quality legal work along with identifying the personal feelings and needs of clients. The broad range of practice experience and hourly rates at the firm allows BARR LLP teams to apply the appropriate experience and resources to any problem at hand. By taking this approach, BARR LLP ensures that wisdom and experience are combined with energy and creative thinking to provide the best possible client experience.

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BARR LLP was founded under the name Barr Picard in 1998 when founding partners Gordon Barr, Q.C. and Norman Picard, Q.C. decided to step away from their former firm which bore Barr’s name to work together to assemble what they dreamed would be one of the great local Edmonton law firms, particularly in the areas of family law and corporate commercial practice. Over many years, Barr Picard grew a reputation as a local leader in many areas of practice that were overlooked by larger firms in the area, most significantly in Family Law Litigation and small to medium sized corporate practice.

Becoming a Full-Service Firm

While Barr Picard formed its roots and built its reputation, it remained a relatively boutique firm with practice areas that focused heavily in the fields practiced by the founders. This changed significantly through the 2010s as Barr Picard saw continuous growth. By adding more and more legal professionals, Barr Picard brought new practices into the firm including a premier real estate practice; a full-service wills, trusts, and estates practice, and a high value civil litigation practice. In 2015, Barr Picard brought a senior Criminal Law practice into the firm. It was through this final acquisition of professionals that BARR LLP would become the full-service firm it is today.

The Future

With its younger partnership, and continuously growing team, the future is bright at BARR LLP as it continues to maintain its position as a respected local law firm with close connections to the community while growing to serve clients better for many years to come.